How to reduce belly fat quickly

If you’re like most people, your belly fat may be an area of concern. Belly fat can be caused by anything from poor nutrition to lack of exercise and it often makes you look larger than you really are. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your belly and would like to know how to lose belly fat fast, try the following tips and tricks to help you shed the extra pounds quickly and easily. The best part? These easy steps to reducing belly fat require very little effort on your part! You don’t even have to spend time at the gym!

  • Lower your intake of refined sugar
    Refined sugar is bad for your health and it’s also extremely bad for your belly. Keep an eye on how much you’re consuming, and try lowering it. If you need a sweet fix from time to time, go for natural alternatives instead of refined ones. For example, if you crave ice cream, opt for frozen yogurt or fruit sorbet instead. If you like sugary drinks, drink some water with fresh slices of fruit in it instead. And when baking, use honey or maple syrup as sweeteners rather than refined white sugar.
  • Drink more water and less alcohol
    Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to have to go more often. This not only interferes with your sleep but it also contributes to dehydration and reduces your body’s ability for digestion. When you’re dehydrated, your metabolism slows down and it becomes harder for your body absorb nutrients properly. Aim to drink eight glasses of water per day. If you find that difficult, try adding lemon or cucumber slices to help increase your water intake naturally.
  • Eat more foods rich in calcium
    Studies show that a low-calcium diet can cause your body to retain more of its fatty acids. Calcium deficiency may also lead to thyroid problems, which could lead to weight gain and obesity. It’s always a good idea, regardless of whether you’re looking for weight loss or not, to make sure you’re getting enough calcium in your diet from dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese. Other high-calcium foods include kale, broccoli, spinach, sardines, salmon with bones, tofu made with calcium sulfate and almonds.
  • Increase your consumption of whole grains
    When it comes to your diet, whole grains are important because they contain a lot of fiber. Fiber plays an important role in helping you feel full and satisfied, which can help ward off cravings for unhealthy foods and snacks. In addition, increasing your intake of whole grains has been shown to help decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes by lowering blood cholesterol levels. The American Heart Association recommends eating three or more one-ounce servings of whole grains every day. This is equal to at least six servings per week (three servings per day). Examples include: brown rice, buckwheat groats, bulgur wheat, millet, oatmeal and quinoa.
  • Take daily walks
    With all of our technology it is easy to forget that walking is a great exercise. You can walk at lunch, on your break or even right after work. Make sure you are getting up and moving as much as possible throughout your day. Small steps in between tasks will help you burn off some calories while not being very exhausting at all. By taking walks throughout your day, you are constantly burning more calories rather than just sitting on your butt for hours on end.
  • Do some weight training at least three times a week
    It doesn’t have to be a big time commitment, just make sure you’re consistent. – Decrease your intake of refined carbohydrates like those found in white bread, pastries and processed foods. – Eat whole grain versions of high-carb foods like pasta, oatmeal and brown rice. – Include exercise as part of your daily routine; any activity is better than none at all!
  • Eat only when you are hungry, stop before you feel full
    When you are eating only when you feel hunger, your stomach will be empty much of the time. This means that food that is consumed can enter your system slowly and get digested. As a result, more calories are burned and less are stored as excess fat around your stomach area. – Eat healthy fats: Healthy fats like olive oil, nuts and fish help in reducing belly fat. The reason behind it is that these foods are rich in proteins which help in suppressing appetite. – Drink water: Drinking plenty of water makes you eat less because your body feels full faster with plain water than with any other beverage or food item. Water also helps in flushing out toxins from your body which reduces bloat and keeps you looking slim even if you’re carrying extra weight on your tummy.
  • Cut down on caffeine and fizzy drinks
    It might sound strange, but cutting out caffeine and fizzy drinks can actually help you lose weight. Studies have found that people who regularly drink colas are more likely to suffer from obesity than those who don’t. This is probably because they contain high levels of sugar and starch (carbohydrates) which cause your body to produce insulin, a hormone that encourages your body to store fat. If you do want to drink something sugary, try fruit juice instead as it contains natural sugars rather than processed ones. Also limit alcohol intake as it’s packed with calories.
  • Don’t skip meals
    One of the reasons why our body stores excess calories as fats, is because we skip meals when we’re not hungry. When we do not eat for a longer period of time, our body thinks that it’s in a crisis and starts producing cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone which causes an increase in blood sugar and production of fats. This leads to having more unwanted fats on your belly than any other parts of your body.

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